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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hey, everyone! So the start of my week has been fantastic so far! I flew to New York on monday night where I stayed in a really awesome hotel called Time that was was very trendy and modern! And then the next day I went shopping around Times Square a little bit before heading to the offices of Seventeen magazine.

When I got there, ET on MTV was there doing a piece on my European spring break trip. (I wish ryan the host could come along, haha.) When I walked into the room where they were there was a huge table filled with American Eagle Outfitters clothes, Dior, Mac, Yves St. Laurent, L'Oreal, Kerastase, Bumble and Bumble, Revlon, and Maybelline products for me to take on my trip. American Eagle had some of the cutest clothes for me including a great little white summer dress that I just loved and some new cut off jeans. And all the makeup I got had some great fun colors for me to experiment with. One of the hair products I got from Bumble and Bumble was an instant wash-type thing where if your hair is greasy you just spray it in and its clean, which I think is amazing. Now all that's left is finding a plug so I can use my straightener, because I heard that the outlets were different in Europe!!

Well today was an amazing day for me that was just so much fun!! Everyone at Seventeen was there was so nice and laid back it was like they were all teenagers only more professional. Now I have some serious packing to do for my trip and I am off to my first city, London, in a few days so I will keep you guys posted on anything interesting that happens before I get there!!! Bye!!



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