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Sunday, March 12, 2006

OK, I've got it figured out now.

Here's me with my new friends from Dallas in the Starbucks:

Then, we went to Whitehall, and I got this photo with one of the Queen's Life Guards...

And then we went to Trafalgar Square before the St. Patrick's Day celebration (check out the balloons in the background):

After a while, a huge crowd had gathered there...

And then we went and rode to the top of the London Eye for the beautiful view of the city.

Hey guys, I'm having trouble posting my photos from today, but check back later, because I'll keep trying to get them up!
Hi Everyone,
So my trip is absolutely amazing so far!!! We woke up this morning and had breakfast at our hotel then got dressed and tried to see everything we could before we got too tired.

We started off the day by going to this place called Speaker's Corner at Hyde Park where some guy sat there talking about how good god was but how churches are hypocrites, it was actually pretty interesting to hear his point of view. After we walked that for a little bit, we just had to hit up the local Starbucks haha, where we met some really nice people from Dallas who loved Laguna Beach. It was really funny to see people who knew who i was. kinda weird in Europe.

Right after that we went down to Whitehall Street which is the street where lots of London's main tourist sites are. We first stopped in the square to see the Queen's Life Guards, which are the English guards on horses with swords standing out front. I got my photo taken with one of them!!!

I guess they are guarding some walking path to the mall but the building is where the queen used to hold meeting to round up her army.

After that we went to Westminster Abbey where someone had told me Princess Diana was married, but i guess we were wrong. Nonetheless it was absolutely beautiful outside. By the time we walked to all those places and it was about noon (4 in the
morning in California, by the way, haha), and we walked back up the street to Trafalgar Square where they had a huge parade and party and live band for St. Patrick's Day.

It was basically everything you would imagine an Irish parade to be. I had so much fun at it and it was really funny to watch all of the people interact. It was literally one huge party. Then the mayor of London and the head of Guinness beer and a bunch of other guys I didn't know made speeches then they let off about 600 balloons that were green, white, and orange (the colors of the Irish flag) - it was really cool.

After we had our fill of that we walked back down Whitehall street to go look at Big Ben and the House of Parliament. They were both really beautiful, but we didn't spend to much time there because it is more about seeing the structure then anything else. Both of those things were right on the Thames so that was absolutely beautiful. After that we walked across a bridge to ride on the London Eye. It is the largest Ferris wheel in the world, and it goes up to 158 meters in the air. You can see all of London from the very top.

It was really awesome to see, but it was really expensive and it also took 30 minutes to go around a full circle. When we were done with that we walked over to the Millennium Bridge, but not before stopping to get some good old McDonald's, haha. Yes, I am REALLY getting the experience of Europe with Starbucks and Mcdonald's, but it was on the way and we were hungry, haha. Anyway, we walked over to the Millennium Bridge, which was basically completely open on the sides (very different from most American bridges) and right across the water was the Tower Bridge.

After all of that, we went to St. Paul's Cathedral and THAT is where Princess Diana got married. The outside of it was sooo amazing and then after we walked inside i was in awe. the architecture and structure of it was put together so perfectly that i couldn't close my mouth haha.

After we were done with that we went back to the hotel, sat for about 20 seconds to rest our feet from walking so much and then came here so I could type this blog. On the way, we wanted dinner, but didn’t know where to go. I decided I wanted Chinese or Asian food. In the Let's Go book they suggested that we go to Mandalay and we did. It was so helpful because we would have been lost otherwise, and they were right, the food was really good. I got a beef dish that was delicious.

Now i am here talking to you guys!!! I kind of wanted to go see a play tonight, but since it is St. Patty's Day, we decided to go out!! So we're headed back to Trafalgar Square for all their nighttime festivities, so it should be fun.

Then tomorrow we are going to go shopping, and see everything that we didn't get to today, like Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace (which is where my boyfriend Prince Harry lives... I like him more than Will... I'm weird), the Globe Theatre, and the Tower of London if we have time. I'm really excited for tomorrow!! Have a great night tonight guys, and talk to you later!!!!


P.S. Hey everyone, thanks for leaving comments!! I read them all but I'm working on figuring out how to reply back to them, so I will try to when I get a chance, but keep posting and I'm glad you guys like the blog!!! thank you so much!!
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