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Monday, March 13, 2006

And here are a few more photos from the day...

Here's me figuring out a plan for the day in our hotel room...

Me and Matt striking a pose in front of Wellington Gate...

Hanging out in the evening...

And then trying to figure out where we're going while waiting for the Underground...

Okay, so last night was just absolutely insane. All of the "formal" activities for St. Patrick’s Day ended at about 6ish, but everyone who was there decided to stay longer, and when we got back there were still hundreds of people there and the band was still playing. It was so much fun, we didn’t get back until about 2 this morning because we just couldn’t bring ourselves to leave… we were meeting too many nice people. I was so sad because all of the pictures we took came out dark, but that’s all right. We just had such a great time.

This morning we rolled out of bed at about 8:30 (not my choice) and then went and had breakfast at the hotel again. After that we watched some weird talk show that was just like Jerry Springer only much cleaner with no cursing. And everything they said came out sounding so intelligent even though it was trash just because of the British accent. I was very intrigued haha.

But after that, we went over to Harrods department store, which is like a Nordstrom, or Bloomingdales times 100... If I could die and pick what my heaven would be like, that would be it. It literally had EVERYTHING you could ever imagine. Their food court was huge, and had even a sushi bar in it!! Check out me in the cafe (sorry it's a little blurry...)

After that we walked around and there was a level for shoes, a level for girl’s clothes, a level for makeup, sunglasses, and handbags and so on. The store was about a city block long and 6 stories high. It was absolutely amazing!! After that we went to a retail store called Pandora’s that we found in the Lets Go guide, and I really wanted this Louis Vuitton bag but I couldn’t bring myself to buy it.

Since we saw SO much yesterday, we just went to Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London today. Buckingham Palace was nice but you could only see the outside of the building. I would love to be the queen though, haha.

Here's a cool picture of the gates in front of the palace:

Across the street from the palace she had some really cool sculptures of lions and such, then we went to the gift shop. There was every postcard you could think of so I got one of Prince Harry. I love him. Then I bought a crown keychain. I am such a tourist, haha. Once I was done there we went over to the Tower of London where there was all the armor and guns and swords from all the wars that England has fought… and THEN in the best part there was the crown jewels… all the scepters and orbs and crowns that were just DRIPPING with diamonds. It was beautiful. There was one scepter that had a 530-carat diamond in it, haha.

Here's me in front of the Tower of London!

And Matt and me in front of Tower Bridge:

Once we were done with all that we decided MAYBE it would be fun to get lost… haha, just kidding, but REALLY, we did get lost. So we once again had to break out our little Pocket City Guide from Let’s Go to find our way. Finally we got back to the hotel and then came here. Now we are going out for the night, so that should be fun...

Well, I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks again for all your comments! I will talk to you tomorrow from PARIS! Wahoo!!

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