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Friday, March 17, 2006

Okay so last night was totally insane. Matt and I went on a little walk down towards the red light district where we stopped at a little coffee shop called Hill Street Blues. It was sooo much fun and while we were buying some things these two Irish men came up to us just being friendly so we ended up sitting with them for the few hours that we were there and they we so nice. We all just talked about the most random things so it was really funny. They were all talking about St. Patrick’s Day because they came to Amsterdam to avoid Ireland. It was fun meeting new NICE people.

After a little bit we got really hungry so we went to this restaurant but I forgot the name of it and it was soooo good. they had the best banana split I have ever had in my entire life. Once we were done eating we walked through the streets of the red light district to see all of the normal things you hear about in Amsterdam and it was really nuts. It was a cool thing to see - it was just kind of shocking.

I love Amsterdam so much because it is basically in one big circle so it is really easy to find your way back to where you need to be. EVERYONE here rides bikes and as much as I wanted to it is just way too cold to have the wind hit me in the face haha. I think I would freeze to death, but it is soooo beautiful.

This morning we got up and went to go get breakfast at this little shop right on the corner by our hotel and it was really good. (all the food here is amazing). After that we decided to go to ANOTHER coffee shop before starting our day haha. Once we were done there we went souvenir shopping in the red light district where I bought a bunch of knick knacks.

Then we decided to take a canal cruise and that was just so beautiful. It went through the whole city and you could see all of the old houses and everything. It was so cold out but they put you in this covered boat thing, so it wasn’t too bad.

The boat tour took us over to the Anne Frank House where we took a walk-through tour. It was basically an attic with a bunch of facts all around the walls and then they pull away this bookshelf and you can see the little secret door that she hid in. It was really interesting.

Once we were done with that we went over to this place called the soup kitchen because it was sooo cold and I think that they had the best soup I have ever tried. Then we went to do a little more shopping where I got this super cute big pink bag haha, and now we are here at the internet. I have the worst headache ever, so I am going to go take a disco nap so that I can go out again tonight for forever!!! Haha. Hope everything’s well. Talk to you soon.


And some more photos:

Here's us in front of one of the most famous (and popular) hostels in Europe

I love this city - it's so beautiful...

Yes, it's still winter here in Amsterdam...

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