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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Here are today's photos...

We had a great last night in Amsterdam haha!

And from today's train trip to Berlin...

Heyyy guys, Well last night was my last night in Amsterdam and it was soo much fun. I couldn’t have had a better time. First we took our little nap to get recharged haha and then got ready... My straightener is broken now so I’ll have fuzz hair for the rest of the trip and it is really sad!!

Anyway, we got ready and then went out to someplace beyond the red light district where there were more bars then coffee shops. We were wandering around trying to figure out where we wanted to go first when this man on the corner handing out flyers gave us one for this place called Boom Chicago which was a comedy place and bar so we decided to go in there. The show lasted for about two hours and that was the fastest two hours of my life. It was so funny my stomach hurt afterwards from laughing so hard. The people we were sitting next to were from Ohio but they knew one of the comedians, and they said that the late night show was a little bit more risque then the earlier one so maybe that’s why I thought it was so funny haha.

Once the show was over at about 1:30am we went over to this club called Jimmy Woo's. It seemed really nice and we were supposed to go in but the line was so long and everyone was just pushing and shoving their way to the front that we just got over it and decided to go to a casino and gamble instead. So Matt and I headed over to a casino right by Boom Chicago. We wanted to play some Texas Hold'em, but the ante was 250 dollars so we sure were not going to do that. So instead we went and played Russian Roulette which was really fun. A very 50/50 chance game...

After we were there for a couple hours we decided to go to a little coffee shop in the red light district then go home. We went back to the Hill Street Blues coffee shop and then walked back to our hostel (The Flying Pig) which was right in the middle of everything basically so it was really easy to just wander home. Once we got back we just passed out… only to wake up at about 9 for breakfast.

The place we were staying had a really good free breakfast in the mornings so we went and ate a little bit then I tried to go back to sleep but check out was at 12 so I had to get ready and pack to leave. As I said before, my straightener broke and I couldn’t blow dry my hair so I feel like a frizz ball right now but that’s alright lol. Since checkout was at 12 and our train to Berlin is not until l3 (or 1pm), we decided to just hang out at the internet cafe a little bit and then we are going to this little shop called coffee connection to get some hot chocolate then wander Amsterdam a little more before we leave. This city is so beautiful and everyone here is so friendly and nice, it is wonderful.

It is freezing right now but I am sure in the summer it is just the most beautiful place to be. It is more like a suburb rather then a huge hectic city. I want to come back here so bad. Well Berlin is the next city we are off to and I am hoping to do some real girly shopping there haha, but we won’t get in until about 10 at night so I will have to save that for tomorrow.

Well, I hope everyone is doing great and I will talk to you tomorrow!!!
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