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Monday, March 20, 2006

More photos from Berlin...

Okay so it is our last night in Europe and we are in Berlin now. We arrived here last night at about 10ish and went straight to our hostel called Die Fabrik.

It is actually really nice and it is huge because it used to be a factory. We have to share bathrooms with everyone that is on our floor, so that’s a little different but not bad at all. Once we got our bearings we went over to a little restaurant called Amar and it was so nice. All of the waiters were so kind and nice even though we couldn’t read anything that was on the menu haha. It turned out to be an Indian restaurant and I have never eaten Indian food before so it freaked me out. The food was good though… a little bit too spicy for my liking but very good nonetheless. Once we finished dinner we went straight over to the hostel and went to bed.

This morning we were going to wake up so that we could go on this 8-hour tour of Berlin, but we had a little change of plans. We overslept that by about two and a half hours haha. So instead of going on a tour we just went by ourselves into the city. First we went to this museum called the Pergamon, which was really interesting if you like Greek mythology (which I do).

There was this whole section on Hercules and his son and stuff which I found to be very interesting and then there was this part about Athena, the goddess of beauty, and that was my very favorite. Almost everything in the museum was statues and most of them were missing heads, but it was still cool. In the entrance of the museum they give you these headsets so that you can enter a number that is next to the statue you want a description of and the headsets talk to you in English so you can understand.

After that we walked outside to find a little flea market that was about a block long.

It was basically a big garage sale with all sorts of weird things but it was fun to look through. There were a few jewelry items I liked, but didn’t get.

Once we were done looking there we went to this little restaurant to eat and I could not read ANYTHING that was on the menu so i decided to just order whatever sounded best haha, and luckily it ended up being this really thin crust pizza... When we were done eating we went over to what used to be the Berlin wall. After we took some pictures there we walked into this park that would probably be really pretty in the summer but for now there is snow on the ground. It is so cold that there is snow haha.

So Matt and I decided to throw some snowballs at each other for a little bit and then hit up Dunkin Donuts for some hot chocolate. And once we got our cocoa we went shopping for some more souvenirs. I didn’t get anything but he did.

By the time we were done with everything we decided to come home so that we could pack up for tomorrow, come here, then go to dinner. I am sad to leave Berlin so early because I think that the cutest boys are here. I have seen some of the most attractive boys in this town that my jaw drops. But oh well, I guess I will just have to go back to American boys haha. There are a bunch of cute ones home too!!! lol... Anyway, I am off to dinner now and then an early morning flight back to Laguna!!!

I will talk to u when I get home!! Toodles!!!

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